International Violin Masterclass & Chamber Music Workshop

APRIL 19th, 20th & 21st, 2019

The Musical Horizons Conservatory proudly presents "Leonidas Kavakos International Violin Masterclass & Chamber Music Workshop" for the eighth consecutive year in Athens, Greece.

The Masterclass is open to professionals as well as young talented musicians from around the world.

The previous years musicians from Japan, USA, England, Italy, Spain, France, Netherlands, Germany, Armenia, Mexico, Austria, Belgium and many more countries from around the globe, visited Greece either as Active Participants of the Masterclass or simply as its Audience.

The duration of the Masterclass is three days and each Active Participant receives one lesson with Leonidas Kavakos as well as a free 3-day pass.

Collaboration with #DakAPP

DakAPP is collaborating with the Leonidas Kavakos Masterclass for the fourthyear.

"DakApp gives the possibility of having dozens of masterclasses with several of the best soloists and teachers in the classical music scene at your fingertips. There is an extensive catalogue of high-level musicians that make it easy for you to access many of the most prominent and important pieces of music in history, from the Baroque period to modern-day."
All lessons are being filmed and some of them will be chosen for online access.
Active Participants upon their Application Submission, agree to the terms and conditions of DakApp*. 

Scholarships sponsored by #DakAPP

We are excited to announce that DakApp is providing five (5) scholarships to selected Active Participants of the Masterclass. Scholarships are provided to people with proven financial difficulties. 

Furthermore, one selected Active Participant by Mr. Kavakos will be having the amazing opportunity to study once per month for a whole year with Leonidas Kavakos, all expenses provided by #DakAPP.

A. Conditions of Participation

The Violin Masterclass & Chamber Music Workshop is open to high level instrumentalists and Chamber Music Ensembles from Music Academies, Conservatories and Universities around the world. There is no age limit. 

The candidates who wish to attend the Workshop as Active Participants will be selected after auditioning through Recorded Performance only.

How to apply

The Candidates should send us either by e-mail or via postage the following:

  • Application (attached at the bottom of the page)

  • Recent Resume

  • The Recorded Performance Audition Material. Please select one of the following options mentioned in paragraph C below.

The Submission Deadline is January 8th, 2019.

Active Participants chosen to attend the Masterclass will be informed via email till January 28th, 2019.

Audition and application material will become property of the Musical Horizons Conservatory and will not be returned. Applicants are encouraged to keep a copy for their records. 
Active Participants agree to fully release all rights for recording, broacasting, photoshooting, interviewing and any other promotional or/and audio/video related purposes in any manner or media, in perpetuity, throughout the world, at the sole discretion of the Musical Horizons Conservatory, DakAPP and Medici.

B. Guidelines for Submitting the Application Material

Postal submission of the Application, Resume and DVD (where applicable) should be sent to the Musical Horizons Conservatory, 39 Arachovis Street, Athens, P.C. 10681, GREECE.

Electronic submission of the Application, Resume and YouTube link should be sent at info@wmo.gr

C. Auditioning Process
 Audition only through Recorded Performance on DVD or YouTube link.

Violinists and Chamber Music Ensembles who wish to audition through DVD or YouTube link, should record the ONE piece willing to work with Leonidas Kavakos at the Masterclass. Please note that the piece you choose to send in the Auditioning Process must be the same with the piece you will be playing for Mr. Kavakos in case you will be chosen to participate in the Masterclass. Please list in your Application also two repertoire alternatives to perform in the Masterclass if chosen.

The recording must be genuinely performed by the Applicant(s) and may not be edited nor any effects be added. It must also be an up to date performance (of the last year the latest).

All works with accompaniment must be performed with piano accompaniment. Applicants should ensure that accompaniment is not louder from them (where applicable).

In the case of DVD submission, the Applicant’s or Ensemble's name and repertoire should be clearly labeled. Applicants should review the DVD discs before mailing to ensure that they are playable on a standard DVD player.

In the case of auditioning via a YouTube link recorded performance, please include the password in your email if the link requires one. Please note that videos which include photographs with background music will not be accepted.

D. During the Masterclass

All works with piano accompaniment must be accompanied during the Masterclass. Active Participants are encouraged to use their own accompanist. In case this is not possible, the Musical Horizons Conservatory will provide a pianist free of charge for the Masterclass plus one rehearsal. Please indicate in your application what you prefer.

Warm-up rooms will be provided to the Active Participants before their performance on the Masterclass.

The Workshop will be conducted in English and Greek where applicable.

Travel & Accommodation: Participants are responsible for their travel and accommodation in Athens. For information on affordable nearby lodging please contact directly the Musical Horizons Conservatory at info@wmo.gr.

E. Participation Fees

Active Participants

  • Solo 300€

  • Duo 250€ /per person

  • Chamber Music Ensembles (Trio & Quartet) 200€ /per person


  • Ticket pre-sale starts on March 1st, 2018 at the Musical Horizons Conservatory.

In the exceptional case of cancelling the participation you will be refunded 50% of the participation fee only if you notify in writing at least three weeks prior to April 19th, 2019. All written cancellations must be sent to info@wmo.gr. If you cancel after this time period no refunds will be issued.

F. Application

Please download the PDF Application from the following link:


Adobe Acrobat Reader required